Innovation capability

Innovation master classes

We run learning and development programs to help teams nurture new ideas, creative capability and more agile innovation practices.

In a time-starved world juggling your innovation demands with day-to-day business can be a challenge. Without a common set of innovation tools, methods and behaviours, generating growth from new ideas can be tough.

That's why we've created five innovation master classes to help people unlock their innovation potential.

Our sessions are high energy, tailored to your business challenges, and packed with practical tips.

By focusing on the areas that deliver the biggest benefits, and equipping people with a hands-on toolkit, we will make your innovation efforts more productive.

Just having an innovation process in place is not enough to be successful.
People need to collaborate and be creative to unlock novel ideas.

Five innovation master classes

There are five master classes to choose from:

  • Jump start your innovation project

  • Insight - how to capture consumer-user insights and inspiration

  • Idea generation - the fundamentals

  • Idea building and creating scalable innovation platforms

  • Everyday productive creativity



In addition to our master classes, we also run tailored training initiatives.


We partnered with the global capability function of a multinational company to develop a strategic planning and insights module, which we rolled out with them to over 400 individuals worldwide. We trained teams in Asia Pac, Latam, North American and several EMEA markets.

On another global client project we piloted a series of new workshop sprint methods and techniques to help them solve a particular type of innovation challenge which was strategically crucial to their business. After we had fine-tuned the approach we created training materials, video case studies and e-learning content which is now cascaded throughout the global marketing and commercial organisation.


We also work with individual teams 'on the job' in lots of different ways:

  • Over several months we equipped a leadership team with more creative problem solving and decision-making tools and techniques so they could be more productive and agile.

  • We've coached individuals on how to create better insights so the innovation team can engage with consumer needs in different ways order to devise better ideas.

  • We partnered with the European organisation of one of our clients to help them develop and self facilitate 26 'design sprints' to accelerate business planning, amongst the 180 strong community of commercial and marketing teams.

We equip teams with practical creative techniques to inject energy, insights and novel thinking into projects and company-wide initiatives


University of Northumbria, Newcastle.

The University of Northumbria, Newcastle produces innovators of the future so we were super excited when we were asked to pop in and help the students of the fashion design and marketing degree course, by injecting some real world innovation tips and techniques into a live degree project.

Check out what we all got up to!