Co creation


We specialise in running consumer co-creation workshops.

Unlike traditional focus groups, these let you work alongside your users to uncover unarticulated needs and get feedback on how to improve early prototypes.

Co-creation gets to an idea's DNA: what features are essential to be of value to the user, and what elements offer little or no value.

Importantly co-creation involves the whole cross-functional team collaborating with your users, which means that when you select a winning idea, you can implement fast because the key stakeholders have a full understanding of consumer needs.

Ideas co-created with users score strongly for relevance, advantage and market potential when subsequently quantitatively tested.




A leading charity that helps healthcare professionals manage patient care for specific diseases needed to understand how the multi-disciplinary care pathway could be improved. Patient care involves lots of different professionals and providers working at distinct stages of the patient's journey, from the hospital to the community. To understand which aspects of this journey could be improved, we ran a workshop with parents whose children had specific health conditions.

The parents - the carers - had lots of passionate stories to tell, on how these services did – and did not – seamlessly connect at the critical moments that mattered. The impact on their children, as well as themselves, was profound.

We created a series of video stories and reports that is being used to engage stakeholders and professional bodies with our findings and recommended actions to improve patient care.


For a food client, we ran a series of co-creation workshops with consumers and the cross functional team to unlock fresh insights around health, nutrition and investigate how life-stage impacted consumers' attitudes and behaviours.

We collaborated with a nutritionist and the consumers to explore different ways to position nutrition benefits over a series of iterative workshops.

We created booklets and short video narratives of the consumers talking about their needs and frustrations - plus strategic recommendations - which were used to engage the client's stakeholders and led to a new integrated marketing campaign shaking up the norms of the category.