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Insightjames jesty

Actionable innovation insight

We love creating actionable insights that provoke ideas and point your team in new and exciting directions.

Great consumer insights should paint a vivid picture of your consumers' latent and overlooked needs - the jobs you need to fix to create relevant and novel customer experiences.

Insights should immediately spark ideas “What if..’ ‘Why don’t we..’

We make the most of your existing consumer research

Our clients are big blue chip companies who sit on a wealth of consumer research. 

Often this goes untapped.

We typically kick off a project by mining their past research for overlooked insights and opportunities. These form the springboards for new ideas. Plus, it means the client may not have to commission new research to inform their latest ideas. Surely a win!

We find that innovation teams are overwhelmed with data and powerpoint presentations.

That’s why we bring insights to life through video narratives, insight booklets, posters, infographics and other creative techniques.

We use insight techniques which provoke ideas

If we spot gaps in consumer understanding, we use creative insight techniques to uncover tensions, frustrations, and unarticulated needs.

We use a number of approaches:

  • Depth interviews

  • Observation and contextual research

  • Consumer journey mapping

  • Provocative insights i.e. capturing insights from extreme users, experts and people unrelated to the category but face similar issues in other contexts

  • Co-creation

  • Design research i.e. learning through rapid prototyping and experimentation

You can't beat shadowing your consumers: observing habits, rituals and unconscious actions. This fuels real empathy for your consumer's needs.

We encourage and help our clients to spend time in consumers’ homes, to spot overlooked and not-so-obvious frustrations and tension points - the springboards for breakthrough ideas.

We also specialise in running consumer co-creation workshops. These are especially valuable as part of the iterative design process because they help spot unmet consumer needs.


Booklets, infographics

We bring your consumer and their needs to life

Make insights real

To get teams to design more relevant ideas, they need to engage with insights. 

That's why we bring your consumer needs to life in different ways, so people can better understand the context in which your product is used and put themselves in the shoes of their consumers.

We create posters, infographics, insight booklets, video stories, photo narratives, consumer personas and much more.

Bringing insights to life helps a project team empathise with the real needs your consumers have, and goes so much further than a dry quantitative summary.

For a recent project exploring health motivations and drivers amongst women and men at different life-stages, we created a series of video stories and booklets. This approach was far more engaging for the client and stakeholders, than a typical research report. It made the insights tangible, engaging and actionable.



Many of our clients have asked for help to drive growth from their core business.

At the heart of these initiatives is the quality of customer insight.

We help teams by focusing on three insight areas:

  • Spot the consumer tensions and barriers they need to overcome

  • Re-think the consumer journey and potential moments that matter - and identify what’s required to engage customers at each moment

  • Understand how the brand benefits need to be re-framed to address barriers to consideration, trial and adoption at each touchpoint

This approach has helped our clients re-energise their core businesses and put more focus on leveraging existing brand assets through innovating the marketing mix.


A healthcare client wanted to unlock opportunities to improve how they engaged with healthcare professionals (HCPs) using emerging digital channels. We undertook a comprehensive synthesis of their past market research and created several defined opportunities which enabled the team to re-evaluate how they could communicate relevant information which is of value to HCPs to benefit patient care and clinical outcomes. To make the findings actionable and get traction with the wider team, we brought the insights to life through booklets, posters and infographics which were utilised throughout the annual business planning cycle.


A leading chilled food brand wanted to improve their packaging to make it more user-friendly, easier to store, use and re-use.

Everyday staple food products are handled frequently, which means that small improvements to packaging which remove frustrations, improve product quality and convenience can make a big difference to the user experience.

We ran a series of insight and idea sprints with the client and their consumers:

  • Sprint 1: synthesis of existing consumer insights and nascent ideas into distinct opportunities

  • Sprint 2: creation of ‘low resolution’ prototypes that addressed consumer needs but also acknowledged known operational and manufacturing constraints

  • Sprint 3: co-creation workshops with the client team and consumers to refine and optimise solutions, and identify the key insights, tensions and frustrations that need addressing.

The final output was a set of clear recommendations, design principles and consumer-centric solutions to everyday frustrations plus delighters to enhance the consumer experience.