Shaping the innovation pipeline

Often there is no shortage of ideas. However, unless there is a clear innovation framework and portfolio strategy based on strong consumer insights and fit with the business strategy, it's difficult to determine where to focus your efforts.

We help create actionable innovation strategies and frameworks that help prioritise your opportunities for growth.




We helped a famous food brand develop their innovation pipeline.

They wanted to look at their business through the eyes of the consumer, not how the category had historically defined itself.

We synthesised their past consumer research and innovation ideas into new platforms and opportunities for both the core business and adjacent growth opportunities. We turned these opportunities into prototype ideas with the team - via a series of collaborative workshops with their consumers. This approach strengthened concepts, both through the lens of consumer needs but also commercial feasibility.

The result: a robust strategic framework, a pipeline of concepts that scored higher for market potential than any previous ideas, but also a cross-functional team that were aligned on a robust pipeline of innovations with clear actionable project briefs.


A company wanted to restructure its global R&D organisation around new innovation platforms and priorities.

We were asked to run a two-day offsite retreat to help the team to co-create this new strategy.

Before the session, we interviewed stakeholders to understand the business challenges and opportunities. This helped us develop a workshop agenda tailored to their needs.

Over two days we developed their platforms and priority initiatives centred around changing customer needs. We also identified new disruptive opportunities and ways of working to foster a collaborative customer-first mindset. The new innovation framework and ways of working are now being rolled out globally.