Driving the core business

Driving the core business

Commercial innovation - continuous improvements to the core product lineup, customer engagement and relevance - is the lifeblood of many of our clients' businesses. This provides constant new news to consumers and keeps the brands relevant and salient.

To make this happen requires:

  • A relentless focus on consumer, shopper and retail channel insights to understand the jobs your consumers and customers are trying to achieve 
  • Mining existing brands, assets and expertise for new opportunities
  • Creativity - to turn these insights into novel and relevant consumer experiences, and go beyond the obvious ‘category’ solution
  • A ‘one-team’ mindset, ie agile cross functional teams co-creating together and willingness to stretch their ambition
  • Effective collaboration between the cross functional team to ensure flawless delivery

How do we do this? 

We bring the marketing, sales and category teams together with their communication, digital and media agencies, plus operational colleagues to innovate throughout the consumer journey.

We explore insights, map out desired brand experiences at key customer touchpoints, and take inspiration from other brands and sectors to create novel ideas that solve consumer needs, create experiences that of value to the consumer, and strengthen brand engagement.

Increasingly brands are innovating throughout the whole customer experience as the primary way to create competitive advantage



A global food brand was developing a new strategic communications platform and came to us because they wanted to involve consumers in the creation of the idea.

Working with the brand team and their agency partners, we ran consumer co-creation workshops to explore how the idea could add value, be distinctive, work seamlessly at key touchpoints, and align with their new brand positioning.

It was a truly collaborative exercise – the brand team, multiple agency partners and their passionate consumers – and we uncovered some really surprising insights. The outcome: a fresh new direction for communication that put consumer needs at the centre of the concept. And even better, we turned around the work from start to finish in just ten days.


The UK Sales organisation of a global company wanted to re-define its strategy and priorities from a business and capability standpoint, across the sales, category and shopper functions.

Via a series of facilitated workshops and employee feedback sessions, we helped the leadership team re-define their vision, and identify the ‘must-do’ actions to deliver their growth ambitions and strengthen skills and capabilities.

We brought their strategy to life through video interviews with cross functional stakeholders, and infographics which were used in companywide meetings and presentations.


We helped a global brand organisation refresh their approach to activation planning for commercial innovation. 

With a legacy process that was too lengthy and complicated, they wanted a simpler, more agile and consumer-centric way of working.

We created an approach which brings together the innovation, marketing and shopper teams with their communication, digital and media agencies - as well as their operational and technical teams - to craft integrated ideas throughout the consumer journey.

We helped refine and improve the approach via a series of real-time projects over several months which resulted in initiatives to support product and packaging innovation, claims and digital marketing initiatives.

This approach is now being cascaded throughout the business and supported by training content and video explainers that we created for them.